Frío récord en Canadá: -50ºC

AHN Staff
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (AHN) - Parts of Canada froze on Sunday after a blast of snow hit Manitoba and recorded up to negative 50 degrees Celsius in Saskatchewan. It was a record low since a minus 40 degrees was registered in the Canadian province in 1966.
Actual temperature in Saskatoon was minus 39 degrees, but the wind chill was measured at negative 45 degrees. The snowfall, which reached up to 25 centimeters caused power outages in parts of Saskatchewan for four hours on Saturday.
Similar temperatures of minus 45 degrees were registered in Brandon and Dauphin in Manitoba, which caused the delay of some flights out of Winnipeg.
The extremely cold weather in some Canadian provinces prompted Environment Canada to warn residents to cover themselves because exposed skin could freeze in less than 10 minutes.
In Prince Edward Island, searchers discovered Sunday the frozen body of Kyle Alvin Bambrick, 18, who went out for a walk during a New Year Eve's party while a blizzard hit the province. His body was found about a kilometer from where he was last seen.
(noticia del 6 de enero de 2009)

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